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Building Inspection

Are you buying a home? Selling a home? Buying an investment property?

Buy wise and make sure your investment is sound. We inspect the entire region. Call 021 931 262 for a building inspection Auckland wide.


Avoid being left brokenhearted and out of pocket and go for peace of mind and a healthy home for you and your family instead.

Know your own home or building. A pre purchase building inspection from a qualified, experienced building inspector can make all the difference.

The importance of pre-purchase inspection…

Why Get a Property Check?

Do you want to prevent high cost jobs on your new home? Would you like to avoid costly mistakes? Do you want to make an informed decision on one of the biggest investments of your life? As a vendor, do you want to avoid being sideswiped just as the deal is almost closed?

Rob is a qualified, experienced building inspector. Rob will work solely for you and carry out your building inspection totally independently of anyone else involved in the sale of the property. You can be confident in the results of his inspection.

With over 25 years’ experience as a building professional Rob has seen hundreds of properties and knows all the problems that come with buildings of various ages and styles. He knows how to look for tell-tale signs of issues, and he can spot any sub-standard building work.

What Does a Building Inspection Involve?

Rob Clark will visit the property and conduct a thorough inspection, including non-intrusive infrared testing, moisture meter testing, inspection of the cladding, structural integrity, sub-floor construction, roof, water pressure, plumbing and electrical.

He will then provide a detailed report with digital photographs that clearly outlines his findings.

Why Carry Out Infrared Inspections?

Heat-sensitive photography or infrared thermal imaging can spot everything from leaky homes, faulty wiring, water, air and heat leaks and mould from wet or missing insulation. Infrared scanners are non-contact devices that detect heat and convert it into an electronic signal and thermal image.

From the foundation to the roof, infrared is by far with the most thorough non-invasive form of building inspection. Using infrared technology through his “tablet”, Rob can look at large areas more quickly and thoroughly than by  other types of investigation methods.

Air and moisture leakages affect the surrounding temperature. Therefore they are seen by infrared and leaks can be found that would not otherwise be detected by the naked eye or with conventional or digital photography.  Spotting leaks can prevent substantial damage and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Infrared inspections are fast, accurate and safe. This technology is non-contact and non-invasive.

Any indication of a moisture problem can then be checked with our electronic non-invasive moisture meter to pinpoint the problem.

Why use a moisture meter?

A moisture test can be carried out by simply using a non-invasive moisture meter. As part of the building inspection process Rob will use a moisture meter to confirm the presence of any moisture in the areas highlighted by the camera. Additionally, he will always check the common problem areas, such as joinery, lintels, sub-flooring and all external walls.

Leaks are confirmed when the infrared camera and moisture meters are used in conjunction. Rob provides a non-intrusive method of detecting moisture intrusion within a building to get a clear indication of where any potential problems may lie.

How Is a Building Report Useful To Me?

As a purchaser a building report can let you feel confident to make your purchase. A sound, informed purchase can help keep both your family and your investment safe.

As a vendor, a building report will help you to identify any potential areas of concern early so they can be fixed before they become points for negotiation.

While vendors aren’t required by law to provide inspection reports, it’s a smart move to include a pre-sale inspection report in your sale package. It gives confidence to prospective buyers and can mean your house or property will sell more quickly.

Generally, as most home buyers know little about building they risk making a major mistake when buying a property. A full property check and pre purchase building inspection report from a building inspector can uncover any issues with the property that are not apparent to the naked or inexperienced eye.

Pre-purchase inspections will not give you a “pass or fail” for a building. Rob Clark will simply, honestly and discreetly describe the condition of the dwelling, how well it has been maintained and highlight any items needing immediate repair or work in the future.

What is a Pre-purchase Report?

Following a comprehensive investigation, a pre-purchase report is a detailed report, written to NZS 4306:2005 and includes a council file search, and covers all aspects of the structural integrity of the dwelling.
It covers:

  • Site: driveway, fencing, drainage, retaining walls, decks and patios
  • Outbuildings: garages and carports
  • Roofing: roof cladding, fascia, eaves, gables, flashings, chimneys, aerials, penetrations
  • Drainage: guttering, downpipes, gully traps
  • Exterior: cladding, flashings, joinery
  • Interior: walls, ceilings, door & window joinery, floor coverings, electrical, pests and insects, dry rot and insulation
  • Kitchen:  joinery units, oven, plumbing, tapware
  • Bathroom: showers, toilets, baths, plumbing, tapware, cabinetry
  • Structure: alterations and additions, overall condition, sub-floor, ceiling space, insulation
  • Moisture: infrared inspections and a non-invasive moisture meter checks, both inside and out
  • Building Regulations: code of compliance checks, conformity with current building regulations

Rob Clark is a qualified, experienced building inspector with over 25 years in the building trade.


Building Inspection Auckland

Not All Pre Purchase Building Inspections Are The Same

When buying a home you need an honest, unbiased and accurate evaluation from a qualified, experienced building inspector

Purchasing a building inspection before buying a home or investment is a great idea. However, be careful who you call.

The quality of building inspections can be variable and relying on a misleading or poorly done inspection could see you out of pocket. Building inspections which fail to pick up serious problems can be catastrophic for home buyers.

The Wellington High Court recently awarded damages of more than $200,000 to homeowners who purchased a leaky home based on a recommendation from a real estate agent who had bought a poor-quality inspection report from a non-licensed building practitioner.

Don’t get a home inspection from an inspector who just tick boxes! You need to be comfortable that your building inspector is focused solely on giving you exactly the information you need so you can make an informed decision.

You need an inspector who is completely independent from all real estate agents and works only for you: the client paying for the report.

As a qualified building inspector Rob Clark will give you an accurate, thorough, independent building report you can rely on. Doesn’t matter where you are buying or selling property in the Auckland area; Kumeu, Helensville, Warkworth, North Shore, Henderson, Remuera, CBD, we travel throughout Auckland.  Call us for a building inspection Auckland wide.

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Avoid Surprises And Remove The Worry

Buying a property can be one of the biggest decisions you make so make sure you get it right and don’t end up with a lot of hidden problems. Rob Clark looks at every detail to ensure that nothing is missed and provides a comprehensive, easy to read report: a completely accurate representation of the property.

For a pre sale or pre purchase building inspection Auckland wide with a focus on structural soundness and water tightness call Rob Clark on 021 931 262. Book your building inspection today.


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