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Soft Landscaping

Landscaping West Auckland, North Auckland, South Auckland

Do you want to create a fantastic outdoor environment for you and your family to enjoy for many years?


Get great landscaping solutions from a skilled operator who can create the landscape you are looking for, and project manage it to completion.

Make your landscape an extension of your home: another living space to retreat to and enjoy! Clark Acreage know how to maximise the potential of your landscape and increase the value of your home.

Soft Landscaping Things to Consider:

Not sure which landscaping issues you need to consider?

Great landscaping starts with good planning. You will need to consider environmental conditions, sun, plant selection and soil considerations. When choosing your plants, on top of cost, you will need to consider if they are sufficiently hardy for the area.

Are you in Dairy Flat, Puhoi, South Auckland or other frost prone areas? Are you landscaping on the North Shore, Helensville or in Orewa or Omaha?

If you are close to the sea you may need to consider whether plants are likely to get salt damaged. Rob Clark can advise on types of plants and the design of your landscaping project so you get the results you want.

Plants: NZ native plants or not?

Having been involved with many gardens and landscaping from West Auckland to South Auckland Rob has worked not only with various councils but also with a huge array of clients.

Did you know that if you plant NZ native plants such as on your property, in some regions, you can claim back 33% of plant costs? Make sustainable choices and get the skills and knowledge Rob brings with him from each and every job he has worked on.

Do you require excavation work?

What are the levels, slopes and banks like on your property? Will you be able to mow the lawn safely, especially in winter, when it will be wet and slippery? With his 5.5 and 1.8 ton diggers and his bobcat Rob Clark has the tools to provide all the excavation work you need.

Is noise pollution an issue on your property?

Would you like to hear less from your neighbours? Do you live near wet areas such as the Mahurangi or Kaipara and have an issue with echoing? Using his heavy machinery, Rob can create buffer zones or humps.

Sound buffers built into your landscaping you can cut down on outside noise as well as creating decorative features in the garden. Earthen walls, humps and barricades will reflect sound while living materials such as stands of trees, large shrubs or a mixture of high-growing, thick growth are excellent for sound absorption.

Do you live near wetlands or have riparian rights on your property?

Do you live near water in areas such as Matakana, the North Shore or West Auckland and would like to protect waterways by planting cabbage trees and flax? Would you like to develop part of your land so your property makes money for you? Would you like to make it eco-friendly, cleaner and more sustainable? Why not plant flowering NZ native plants and let the bees do the work for you?

Making the landscaping process as easy as possible for you.


When embarking on a landscaping project you want a contractor who will always listen to your ideas as well as offer great landscaping solutions. Many years’ landscaping West Auckland to South Auckland means Rob Clark knows what he is doing. He can make suggestions or come up with alternative ideas you may not have already considered.

Make the entire process as easy as possible by getting an experienced landscaper on the job.

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Things Rob will work on with you during your landscaping project…

Landscape Design:

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly what you want at the outset. Rob will take the time to understand your needs and ideas and can offer you a range of suggestions that match the style you want and the level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to.

Cost Of Your Landscaping Project:

The planning stage is the time to think about your budget. Rob can provide you with a range of options at different price points along a realistic project timeline. 

Landscaping Project Length: 

Working with a clear timeline, taking into account factors such as weather that could delay progress, makes a landscaping project more enjoyable. As an experienced digger operator, Rob knows exactly what he is doing and is always careful, but he will be upfront about how much mess you can expect.

Council Permit Requirements:

Designing around the correct permit requirements will minimize your costs. As a building inspector Rob understands building codes and council regulations for structures like decks, retaining walls, driveways and pergolas.

The Importance of Your Landscaping Project:

No matter how big or small your landscaping job is, your planting and garden are special. Your project will be a top priority and given the attention it deserves.


Making the impossible, possible.

Kia tuohu koutou, Me he maunga teitei, Ko Aoraki anake.