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Licensed Building Practitioner
Does your home feel last century? Do you have a growing or changing family? Do you lack space, warmth, light or just living room? Do you want to add a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces or outdoor spaces to your existing house?

Rob Clark is a highly experienced Auckland licensed building practitioner. He can build upwards, downwards or outwards from your existing house. Whichever direction you’d like your home to move, he can work with you on your renovations to update your home or reconfigure spaces to suit you and your way of living.

He can build off your own plans or introduce you to an expert architect to ensure your renovations or additions fit seamlessly with your existing home.

House Renovations by a Certified Builder

Do you want or require minor repairs and maintenance to be carried out? Do you want a total transformation to your home? Are you worried that your renovations won’t be compliant with current building regulations? With nearly all renovations, you have to get a building consent from your local council before construction starts and upon completion you need to apply for a final inspection and a code compliance certificate (CCC).

Under the Building Act you will be responsible if your house does not meet the required standards, so why not use Rob’s expertise and skills? He knows the building laws and keeps up-to-date with new standards and rules so he will make sure your project complies with current building regulations.

Rob Clark will look after you through the whole building process. As a building inspector you can be comfortable in his hands.

Rob Clark will look after you through the whole renovation process.



Bathroom Renovations

Are you looking for a complete bathroom renovation and reconfiguration? Do you just need a new bath, shower or to incorporate hand rails. Would you like to incorporate easy-clean, modern surfaces and easy-access wet areas?

A bathroom makeover can improve the flow, style, feel and value of your home.

Put yourself in good hands. Rob Clark is familiar with managing all types of renovation and repair work and understands the stresses of the renovation process and how to protect you from them.

Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovations

Do you wish you had a kitchen in your home with better storage, functionality, traffic flow, light and looks fresh and modern? Rob is a building professional who will listen, is multi-skilled and has great ideas. He will leave you with a new kitchen that works beautifully and is seamlessly integrated into your existing home.

Whatever your renovation ideas may be, Rob Clark can help. His building skills can be tailored to suit your unique vision. For renovations North Shore to Pukekohe call 021 931 262 to put yourselves in the hands of a local building expert focused on your home makeover and your makeover alone!

Rob Clark, Making the impossible, possible.

Kia tuohu koutou, Me he maunga teitei, Ko Aoraki anake.